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Claim status reports from HCRnet and insurance payers are available online within 24 hours. The HCRnet reports, after each claim scrubbing and editing, are posted online; 277 and other reports from the insurance payers depending on its availability from the payers. When HCRnet receives electronic claims from providers, each claim is checked at the clearinghouse for format and syntax errors. If HCRnet identifies an error, the claim is rejected by us and is NOT sent to payers. HCRnet will provide you with a claim status report, listing the error reason for each rejected claims within a few minutes of the claims submitted and this lead to early correction and resubmitting the claims.


HCRnet aggregates papaer claims and prints them in HCFA 1500 and post them to the payers. Reports for claims or any errors related to paper claims is available online for providers.


If we have the primary claims already in our database. we have an easy to use online form to fill secondary claims info which we then generate the secondary claims and process and send it to the insurance coampanies.


we have a free online ICD-10 refeference designed for the fast lookup of all current version of ICD-10 codes. Just enter the code and if it is a valid code, you will get the short and long description of the codes.


Insurance verification is recommended to prevent write-offs and collections caused by uncovered rendered services.

Traditional telephone verification is time-consuming and cumbersome. HCRnet offers eligibility confirmation of patient insurance and benefit coverage which reduces or eliminates expensive write-offs and collections.